7 Reasons to Use a Water Filter

You know that drinking contaminated water can poorly affect your health. Whether you want to improve the quality of your water or simply have better tasting water to drink, you know that a water filter is your best option.

As you look for different types of filters to use in your home, you stumble across a whole-house filter option. This filter costs more than the average device you can purchase in the store, but you'd like to know what benefits a whole-house filter provides.

Below, we list seven of the top reasons to install a whole-house filter in your home.

1. Save Money

While a whole-house filter seems like a big financial investment, you save money in the long run. After you install this filter, you no longer have to buy bottled water, which costs significantly more than tap water and may not be as clean as filtered water.

When you add a whole-house filter, you also save money on purification methods you might otherwise use to produce safe water. Whether you wash dishes, do laundry or take a shower, all of your water is clean.

2. Eliminate Contaminants

A standard water filter can eliminate over 2,100 contaminants, including chlorine and lead. Many of these contaminants contribute to short-term illnesses and long-term medical conditions.

A whole-house filter also eliminates the minerals that cause hard water. Hard water wears down your clothes, dries out your hair and skin and corrodes your plumbing system.  Decreasing your water's hardness protects your family, your belongings and your home's plumbing system.

3. Avoid Inferior Filtered Water Alternatives

The most common alternatives for clean water include bottled water, boiled water and water filtered using purification jugs. While useful in some situations, these forms of water purification aren't always the most effective.

As mentioned above, bottled water costs a lot and often contains contaminants that a whole-house filter can eliminate.

Boiling water takes up precious time and creates an unappealing form of drinking water. The flat taste comes from the lack of oxygen in just-boiled water.

Purification jugs also take up unnecessary space in your fridge. They are also more expensive in the long run because you have to regularly buy replacement parts.

Some rural homeowners use reverse osmosis or distillation to clean water. However, neither of these options prove as thorough as a whole-house water filter. These methods also make water more acidic, which may cause tooth and bone damage with long-term exposure.

4. Develop Healthy Immune Systems

Younger children in your house still have developing immune systems. Clean and pure water is one of the best ways to help your children strengthen their immune systems, and it can also help with their physical development.

Drinking clean water is also crucial for pregnant women, as some contaminants contribute to the risk of birth defects.

5. Improve Taste

Eliminating the chemicals and contaminants in your tap water will even make your water taste better. If you notice your tap water typically tastes coppery, stale or musty, you need a water filter to improve the taste.

6. Help the Environment

When you drink all your water from water bottles, those bottles have to go somewhere. Most of the time, those bottles end up in landfills. Even if you recycle, processing the material to make waste plastic into something new still puts a strain on the environment.

But when you install a whole-house filter, you reduce the amount of plastic you send to a recycling centre which in turn lowers the strain on the ecosystem.

7. Better Day-to-Day Health

When you drink clean water, you can improve your overall health. For example, you can control your weight more easily because the filtration system rids the water of extra sugars and carbohydrates.

Additionally, you'll have fewer headaches. Your digestive system can even function more efficiently since clean water has fewer toxins in it. Pure water can even help your hair, skin and nail health.

To take advantage of the benefits listed above, call your local plumber to install a whole-house filter in your home.

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